Dreamcatcher journal

Here is a little journal I started a while back. It’s a small watercolor journal from Strathmore.

I gessoed the front and back covers, then glued some textured paper on. I obtained a dreamcatcher and thought it would be a nice touch.

I painted the inside pages with ink and watercolor and added tabs. I had some alphabet images and decided to use this journal for power words.

These are the “F” and “G” pages. The little saying reads, “Great FRIENDS are good for your health.”

So far I have found some interesting words: Achievements, new Beginnings, Infallible, Inspired, Muse, Overcoming Obstacles, Power, Success Story, and YES.

So, I’m off to a good start.

Making mini journals

A while ago a friend gave me several wallpaper sample books. I have had so much fun from these. It took a while to look through them. Then I began to think of things to do with them.

I had five big books and wanted to share so I gave lots of pages (duplicates) to one of my other artsy friends. I have no idea what she did with them but I know she had as much or more fun than I did looking through them.

As I was cutting out strips and shapes for other projects I looked at the scraps and got another idea. I could make mini journals.

I like to give away little hand-made gifts. I make things such as tags, bookmarks, and round tuits, and include them when I send cards.

I had made and given away some but the other day I thought I would get a jump on 2017 and cut out 100 covers.

When I first started making them they were different sizes because they were from leftover scraps: but I decided to make them a uniform size. That way I don’t waste the writing paper that goes inside.

Here’s how the newly finished journals look before I embellish them. They usually get a ribbon and maybe a few beads. I am thinking of using my decorative scissors for some interesting edges.

Wallpaper books are or were free by the way: kind of like many of last seasons samples. Carpet remnants come to mind.

I also found that these sheets make great wrapping paper: especially if you like watching people trying to tear them open.

How to change the world in 2017

power on icon

You have the power

I have just entered a new decade: the decade of the wise crone. I am still coming out of my dark night of the soul, which I see as a consequence of trying to live someone else’s life. I was torn between what I wanted to do and what I thought I had to do.

The reason I/we are in such fear and dread of what’s coming these next few years is because we feel out of control. We are expecting others to fix our world for us, but It is up to us to do that. Ronald Reagan and President Obama told us to do what is necessary to fix the problems of the world. Reagan called the imitative “a thousand points of light.” Obama had us chanting “Yes WE can.” Yet we still sit back and watch the corporate sponsored news and wring our hands.

In looking for work-arounds to my many hurdles. It occurred to me that there must be an alternative to the way we have been brought up. I have never been one to follow convention. I could never fit into anyone’s mold. that’s why I didn’t get along with my teachers, professors, parents, employers, or anyone who thought they were higher up than me. I tried. Really, I did.

I always knew the hippies got it right. Their philosophy was, we are here to care for the Earth, the animals, and each other. But their children, the yuppies and the yuppie puppies, ran after the corporate dollar: Generation X seemed to be lost between worlds. Now it has come full circle. People have come back to the idea of caring for the Earth and all of her children. People are moving away from established patriarchal religions and moving into a new Earth and cosmic centered spirituality.

The paradigm used to be called New Age. Now it is likely to be called the Creative Culture or the Planetary Wisdom Culture. This is not to be confused with the Creative Class, which is made up of artists, writers, composers, crafts people, etc. I also like the term New Earth people. I made that one up.

Predatory capitalism is collapsing. Patriarchal imperialism is collapsing. People are moving away from established, rigid religions. Politics and parties are not the answer. The answer lies in what is emerging as the new ethics. Emerging in this new enlightened age are ethical bankers, farmers and merchants. There are businesses where you can hardly tell the employers from the employees. Workers have stock and shares in the business. Buildings now have meditation rooms along with workout rooms. Orders are not just handed down from on high.  In more and more places the CEO does not make 100-300 times that of the worker. That’s the kind of world I want to live in.

There is so much for us to do, and we are all being called into action. Since 11/9 I came to realize that 2017 must be the year that we find another way. Another way to eat, another way to gain income, another way to take on the world. We must arm ourselves physically, emotionally, financially.

There are now crazy bigots out there who are letting their sociopathy come forth and beating up anyone who is not a White male. Prices, bills, food, everything is going up. Those on Social Security or with disabilities will not see an increase in their income. We must find alternative ways of thriving.

Here are some sites I am excited about for those of us who seek big changes in themselves and the world.

Live Your Legend was started by Scott Dinsmore. This is a man who has developed an arsenal of workbooks to get you started on your way to being a Renaissance person. Check out his TED talk.

Sharable is a site that shows people changing their communities. It has links telling you how to do what needs to be done: which is a darn site better than people telling you to “Just do It.” That’s just lame.

Cultural Creatives is a site that tells all about what they call the emerging planetary wisdom culture. The Alchemists is an introductory video about people dedicated to the new Earth.

In a Time Banking system time really is money. You do something for someone or the community and your time is logged in a “bank.” then when you need something done someone does a task for you.

Of course you can also work for, volunteer at, check out, or give money to non-profit organizations like GreenpeaceThe Bioneers, the Pachamama Alliance, Rising Women Rising World, The Gift Economy, and so many more.

So if you are ready to change your life and the world, if nothing else, January can be spent researching these New Earth initiatives.

let’s have a great and powerful 2017.