I spent some time last week making mermaids. I have always been fascinated with chimeras and the mermaid is one of them.

In case you don’t know what a chimera is, it is an unblended combination or hybrid of two or more beings. Or to turn it around, a single being that contains two or more separate sets of DNA. In the case of the mermaid/merman, the human and fish are not blended into something resembling the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The human part is 100% human and the fish part is 100% fish.

When I made my first mermaids and gave them as gifts I started learning a little about them.

Datebook cover front 2015 sm

My 2015 planner cover

They represent transition. They represent being caught between two worlds as in the classic story by Hans Christian Anderson. I have heard people with certain disabilities refer to themselves as mermaids. I found out that the African Goddess Oshun is the goddess of fresh water and is sometimes depicted as a beautiful young mermaid.

The back of my vision board

The back of my vision board

I have given them four arms or wings to show their goddess status. I have sometimes given them faces and sometimes not.

marmaid for Deborah sm w boarder

I have made a series of mercats. For some reason I could not bring myself to call them catfish.

One of my mercats

One of my mercats

Two mer beings

Two mer beings

Some quick updates

Holy kow. Has it been this long since I posted? Sorry about that. Actually I’ve been posting updates to Facebook.

Let’s see. What’s been happening?

I have been attending the Right Brain Business Plan online summit by Jennifer Lee. It’s been fun, but I really need a master mind art group to interact with. I applied for the scholarship but I again didn’t get it. The story of my life.

I gave a poetry presentation at my local women’s group. What fun. I am writing more poetry these day. I won’t say it’s good poetry, but I am having a ball doing it.

An artist friend and I are getting together to work on our illustrated book projects.

The arts council is moving across the street from me. I have no excuse now, not to attend their gatherings. My little section of the world is a bona fide arts district, and I live right in the middle of it. There are murals and huge art pieces cropping up all over the place.

That’s a quick down and dirty update for now. I’ll be back.

Back after computer trouble

I was gone for a while.

My computer started acting funky. It had been for a long time but I thought I could do a home fix. The problems just got worse until it wouldn’t work at all. so I had to find a local good computer repair company.

After days of talking to everyone’s cousin and nephew I finally found a place I trusted.

I had to find someone who could get me and my computer to the place. It stayed there for at least a week while they figured out what was wrong with it

They finally had to format the main hard drive and reinstall WIN XP because my computer is too old to handle the newest OS. I spent another week putting all my programs back on. I also had hundreds of emails to deal with.

So all that added up to many days of having a non-working computer.

I cannot yet afford a new computer so I am using this one for a while longer. Anyone who feels generous enough to give me a new computer, be my guest. Hey. It’s worth a shot.

Well, I’m back up and running now. I thought I would update my Zebracorn site so that the four of you who read my blog would know what was going on.

Presentation at the art center

About a week and a half ago an artist friend asked me to do a presentation at her opening. The title of the show was The Performing Body.

One of Sengs Nengudi's pieces

One of Senga Nengudi’s pieces

She had videos along the walls or people doing expected and unexpected things. There were two live presentation. One was a cellist who provided some sweet background music. The other was mine.

One interactive display was about 20 sets of shoes. Senga invited the crowd to “walk a mile in someone else shoes.” In this case a mile equaled 23 laps around the gallery. People actually rushed to the display. If they couldn’t wear the shoes on their feet they would wear them on their heads, around their necks or on their hands.

Trying on someone else shoes

Trying on someone else’s shoes

I met a woman who has made her own shoes for more than 20 years. She tried on a pair of stilettos and actually walked a mile in them. They looked pretty on her feet but she said she would never wear them again.

Well worn vs. cute but painful

Well worn vs. cute but painful

Any way you can

Any way you can

I tried to capture the man above but he was on the move and intent on making it around the gallery. Sometimes when we are on the move with an intention we are just a blur to those standing still.

As for my piece; I titled it For Display Purposes. The reason being that each time I go out in public I am in fact on display and in some ways putting on a show. I asked for a platform since I sometimes feel I am on stage and the center of attention, whether I like it or not.

For my presentation I answered questions that have been asked of me or about me throughout my life. The audience did not hear these questions. They could only listen to my responses and deduce what the questions were. For example: I looked at one invisible person and answered, “Both of my parents are Black. Yes, really. YES. REALLY.” Then I turned to face another invisible person and answered, “No doctor, I am not anemic. Thanks for the iron pill prescription but I don’t really need them.” I went on like this for about 5 to 6 minutes. I ended the presentation by responding to what might be considered a rude comment, then saying, “You have a nice day too. Buh Bye.

The audience responded fairly well. I thought most of my comments were humorous. The audience did chuckle some; but mostly they listened carefully. One good thing: I did have their attention. I was told that there have been times when a performer is doing their thing and people are talking and pretty much ignoring them. That wasn’t the case this time.

Thank you Senga Nengudi and RedLine art center and gallery.