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… more than 1000 words

I came across this illustration 30 years ago and could not bear to part with it. It’s from an out of print magazine called The Job Jacket. The artist and publisher is (was) named Tom Cardamone.

As best as I can tell, this picture is titled The Mechanical Man. It illustrates why I have always been so resistant to be the typical illustrator or ad artist. The art really isn’t yours. You are only the mule.

Today things are a bit different. Artists are self publishing and creating their own paths. Yesteryear when I was in art school there were only a few paths to take. You could work at an ad agency or be a freelance illustrator: both of which would put you in the same position as our poor schmuck here. Or you could run around to the snobby galleries and beg to be admitted.

Remember,  art was not done on computer. Changes were a big pain in the you-know-what. And there were always changes.

As a person who can not even deal with a critique, I resisted being the mule. I’d rather shoot myself in the head twice.

Hooray for the 21st century.

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