This is Bluefire

 The Zebracorn was created when I was in art school in the 80’s. I had been collecting and creating unicorns at that time. I was also into drawing things with wings: a result of not having enough freedom in my own life.

My instructor (a famous hot shot artist) told us to create an agent of sorts: a being or entity that would embody our imaginations. This being should travel the universe and our dreams bring back ideas for us to visualize and draw. This was a way to spark our imaginations and keep our creativity flowing.

I started out by drawing an ethereal white spirit horse. (Come to think of it, that must have been my first spirit pony.) Once I drew her she started to transmute in my mind. (Yes, she is a she.) What better imagination agent than a unicorn, thought I. So I gave her a magic horn. To travel around the world she needed to fly. So I gave my white unicorn wings. White seemed a boring color; not enough drama. I gave her stripes to show that she is a wild creature, not tamed by anyone.


Several illustrations later the “Zebracorn” seemed to be surrounded by a blue aura. She also seemed to have a fiery spark of energy. So, I named her: Bluefire.

Of course since then she has undergone a few updates.

Here she is in 1989

Here she is in 2008