Here are some sites and artists I just love. There’s no rhyme or reason to my list: I just find myself going to these places again and again.

Culture Unplugged is a site with hundreds of FREE films you have never seen before. The site focuses on world consciousness. Here you will find films from around the world on topics like the Divine, spirituality, art and creativity, ethics, war, race, food, and more than 40 other categories. You can save a film to watch later or find something you l like and save it to watch again.

Artful Evidence is a blog by someone only known as Rachel. If you are a crafter who loves highly imaginative work that looks layered and colorful but not messy check out her site and You Tube videos. It seems right now that she is not currently selling on ETSY, but I am still addicted to her blog and  videos.

Doodlers Anonymous is a fun and funky site for those of us who can’t leave a blank space alone. There are contests, showcases and a great respect for the organically hand drawn.

To look at beautiful miniature art go to Illustrated ATC’s. This is a trading site for professional grade illustrators. You have to be juried in. But everyone can join and trade at the sister site, ATC’s for all. You don’t only trade artist trading cards. There are swaps for other types of art as well.

You must check out Creative Every Day by Leigh Piken. You make art then post it somewhere online. You then go to her site and post the permalink so others can find you. Like all addictions I spend way too much time looking at everyone’s art.

Post Secrets. Read other people’s dirty little secrets and send one or two of your own. I did: but I’ll never tell.

Ever thrown away a piece of paper and think it’s gone forever? Think again. You may find it on Found Magazine.

If you’re curious at all about anything at all you must check out the TED talks. Art, science and other topics are repackaged and presented by the world’s most innovative thinkers. Talk about the WOW factor; Have you ever thought of using dance instead of Power Point to make your science presentation?

The Museum of Computer Art blows me away every time.

 Alex Grey. Check out his COSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors video.

Illustration Friday. has a brand new funky look. Go here for inspiration and to see how other artists answer a challenge. You are given a word every Friday. You have a week to illustrate the word. You post it somewhere online then post the permalink. This is another great way to spark your creativity.

Want to see art that knocks your socks off? Check out Colossal Art and Design. This is a site that scours the art world and brings back the best it has to offer. At least that’s my opinion.